Stochastic Processes Inc. will provide expert advice on valuations of complex financial instruments. The firm has valued many complex option structures for large volume financial assets in competitive bidding situations. Underlying assets have included foreign currencies, interest rate products and commodities. Accounting opinions can be provided, if required, both under Canadian and U.S. requirements.


    Stochastic Processes offers Seminars in any of the topics covered on this web-site:

      • Foreign Exchange Options
      • Equity Options
      • Foreign Exchange
      • Energy Products
      • Commodity Futures and Options
      • Hedging Strategies for Foreign Exchange
      • Back Office Procedures
      • Accounting for Foreign Exchange Hedges
      • Risk Management
      • Financial Model Building

Trading Operations Set-Up

    Stochastic Processes will provide consultation in the setting up of a trading environment, including selection of personnel (front-office and back-office), software, integration of back-office procedures, and risk management requirements. We can work with you to strategize and select target environments.

Hedging Program Set-Up

    Stochastic Processes has a wide range of experience in the analysis of underlying price and volatility exposures created by a firm's assets and liabilities, and will analyze your firm's exposures and recommend hedging strategies and methods of execution of the strategies.

Trading Program Set-Up

    We will provide you with the tools and recommended approach to create a Trading Program for Option Related products, such as Equity Options and Options on Futures and Energy Products.

Market Commentary

    Stochastic Processes will provide Market Commentary on volatility related topics including historical volatility as well as implied volatility. We can also provide fundamental coverage and technical analysis.