Stochastic Processes Inc. will write customized software to assist you in your trading, forecasting, risk management and back office procedures. Visual Basic is used, as this language is versatile and, with the development of Visual Basic.NET, will provide high-performance solutions on the web.

The software development process, along with the design and programming procedure, will include assistance that Stochastic Processes can provide in the area of financial modeling based on market conventions. We will create the financial model, may be present during the negotiation of the transaction, and also create the risk management tools for your continued valuation and monitoring of the risk over the life of the transaction. We can also monitor the transaction for your review of suggested take profit and restructuring situations.


  • Equity Option Pricing Tools
  • Options on Indices Pricers
  • Options on Commodity Futures Pricers
  • Exchange Traded Futures Reporting System
  • Bond Pricing Module
  • Interest Rate Swap Module