Stochastic Processes Inc. Overview


Stochastic Processes Inc. provides software and consulting services for Trading and Risk Management financial products.

Product areas include Foreign Exchange, Commodity Futures, Equities and Capital Markets instruments. Products include analytical option pricing methods, as well as other modeling tools including asset trees, Monte Carlo, and correlation models.

Building upon trading experience, Stochastic Processes will create models to use data sources appropriate to the product being priced and the market convention currently in place to accommodate illiquidity. The models can be applied to Foreign Exchange, Equities and products in the Energy Industry.

In the continually evolving world of web-based services, the financial markets are as open as they have never been, and at the same time the available choices have made products much more complex.

Stochastic Processes' goal is to provide a means to make the best possible use of the financial markets, whether for a corporate hedger or for an investor, and to use software to extend the reach of the understanding of these products. The software will be user friendly, compact, and easy to modify to meet changing market requirements.